Well it is finally that time!  After 10 years online I am finally updating my website!  When I started this in 2007 there were very few to no options on DIY shopping websites/online stores ...now there are tons of really good ones out there!  I do have to say I am proud that I was able to create what I did with what little was available at the time especially since that is not my wheel house at all! Yay me!!

That said I have known for at least 3 years or so that I needed to do a much needed update but with a couple of deaths in the family, including my beloved Julep, Miro and now Fiver, plus just the chaos of regular everyday life I just kept putting it off,BUT NOW IS THE TIME! 

In the interim please shop my Etsy Shop or if you are not an Etsy shopper you can shop my Pattern webstore. It's Etsyish but I don't think you need an Etsy account:) Most all my designs are there including new ones...but if you do not see something please let me know.   It may take a few months for me to get things back up and running but I will let everyone know when it is ready etc. via social media.  

Also recently one of my dear customers informed me that my email address may have been hacked again( for the second time) NIGHTMARE!!!  So please use my info@christyrobinsondesigns.com 

email for now and not my ChristyRobinsonDesign@yahoo.com!  Or better yet if you are shopping on Etsy or on Pattern you can just send me a Convo!

I have to say this news was kind of the last straw for me but I saw that as my sign to start anew with both website/ email.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  Change is good! xoxo